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khro bo khro mo (masculine/ feminine) wrathful deity [RB]

/ mo - (masculine/ feminine) wrathful deity; 1) wrathful or aggressive, a wrathful deity. Syn khro rngams. 2) Khrodhana, the 59th. year of rab byung. Syn shing mo glang the Female Wood Ox. 3) angry, fierce, ferocious. krodha [RY]

awesome deities, wrathful gods, angry spirit, body in assumed wrathful mood [JV]

1) fierce, wrathful [deity/person]; 2) (met tree glang lo; 3) 10; 4) angry, fierce, ferocious [IW]

1) fierce, wrathful [deity/person]; 2) (met) tree glang lo; 3) 10 [phyogs bcur khro bo bcu gyi srung 'khor agressive][[khro gtum - 1) strong wrath; 2) khro gtum pass [Si khron zhing chen, rnga [IW]