kun dga' ra ba

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pleasure grove; the place in a temple hall, where the representations of body, speech and mind (sku gsung thugs rten gyi bzhugs sa) are arranged. Syn. lha khri - seat of the gods [RY]

park, grove or park where religious sermons are given, grove, any pleasure-grove containing groups of trees, flower beds, etc [JV]

1) temple w rten of body speech and mind; 2) Chos khri dra mig can; 3) shrine, temple, monastery; 4) [pleasure] garden/ grove, throne of the dharma; 5) debating ground for monks; 6) shelves w scriptures, library of a monastery w tripitaka; 7) religious school; 8) garden or fenced courtyard [in a monastery/ w spiritual learning centers] [IW]

1) shrine or temple. 2) throne of the Dharma. 3) debating ground for monks. 4) garden, grove, pleasure grove. 5) shelves containing the sacred scriptures. 6) library of a monastery containing Tripitaka. 7) religious school. pleasure garden, garden or a library [RY]