kun gzhi'i rnam shes

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consciousness as the basis/ ground of all (ordinary) experience; conscious aspect of the basis/ ground of all experience [RB]

all-ground consciousness; syn. for cognition sems [RY]

alayavijnana [one of the 8 consciousnesses, unobscured or neutral [by intrinsic good or bad karma in particular] ma bsgribs lung ma bstan principal consciousness the ground of one's allotted habitual patterns bag chags kyi bgo gzhir support of all the ripned ones and seeds and its real essence being rig pa [understanding, awareness, insight. all-ground consciousness. said to be ordinary, but also said to be the ground of both samsara and nirvana. Sometimes aspects of alaya and alayavijnana are distinguished] [IW]

SA kun gzhi rnam shes [JV]

alaya-vijnana; all-ground consciousness, as one of the eight collections of cognitions; consciousness as ground of all (ordinary/ samsaric) experience; abbr. of kun gzhi'i rnam par shes pa. Def. by Jamg?ongtr?thun mong du grags pa 'khor 'das thams cad kyi gzhi byed pas na kun gzhi'i rnam shes]] [RY]