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karma/ action [RB]

task las bzang po dang ngan pa ci dang ci lta bu bka' stsal kyang mi theg pa med pa zam pa lta bu like a bridge, there should be nothing that we cannot bear, however pleasant or unpleasant the tasks he asks us to do [RY]

1) karma, action, world-forming deeds * application [of the activities], act, deed, work, fortune, destiny, function,; 3) says, states, mentions; 4) [other] than, except for, than, comp case; 5) of, from [IW]

action, karma, karmic action [thd]

but [RY]

from which [RY]

1) karma [action]. karmic action / deed, world-forming deeds. action application, application of the activities, act, deed, work, fortune, destiny, function, karma, karma and its results, karma and its consequences, the principle that every action produces result. karma/ action. Ex sngon las bzang past good deeds. 2) rather than/ besides, other than; other than this. than, [comp. case]. + neg. verb - not more than. activity; due to (the fact that).; than (more than); 3) says, states, mentions [when quoting a scripture]. 4) one of the phyag rgya bzhi four mudras [RY]

says; x rnam bshad rig pa las the Well Explained Reasoning says [RY]

so; kha skom pa las chu zhig 'thung his throat felt very dry, so he drank some water [RY]

. . . las mi gzhan par (to be) none other than . . . [RB]

in such-and-such it says: [RY]

karma, action, activity, deed, fate, rather than, karmic action, apart from being a, other than, from, than, it would be better, SA mi g.yo ba'i las, any action, act, deed, work, net effect of actions in one life transmitted to the next life, retribution, result of human actions, from among, out of, when, after, application, than, from, evolutionary action, activities, "as its says in the ...", so that, evolutionary action, apart from (after a verb), rather than, instead of [JV]

. . . las there is only/ other than . . . ; due to (the fact that) . . . ; isc. within . . . ; isc. but rather . . . ; isc. this is nothing but . . . ; isc. (but) even so [RB]

Actions (las): actions resulting in the experience of happiness for others and are defined as positive or virtuous; actions which give rise to suffering for others and oneself are described as negative or non-virtuous. Every action, whether physical, mental or verbal is like a seed leading to a result that will be experienced in this life or in a future life. [MR]

Karma (las): A Sanskrit word meaning "action", which refer to the law of cause an effect related to our thoughts, words and behavior. According to the Buddha's teachings, beings' destinies, joys, sufferings, and perceptions of the universe are due neither to chance nor to the will of some all-powerful entity. They are the result of previous actions. In the same way, beings' future are determined by the positive or negative quality of their current actions. Distinction is made between collective karma, which defines our general perception of the world, and individual karma, which determines our personal experiences. [MR]