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1) house's lcam shing and rafters; 2) brothers and sisters; 3) consort[s and retinue] [IW]

brothers and sister/ consorts; consort, consorts and retinue [RY]

brother and sister consorts, consort and retinue [JV]

1) brothers and sisters; 2) male and female consorts; 3) "brother and sister consorts" (probably not the best term); 4) consorts and their retinues; 5) retinue of consorts (either male or female depending on the subject); 6) wife/wives; 7) wives and husbands. Considering the variety of possible meanings, great care should be paid to the respective context, esp. considering varying cultural norms, but mainly with respect to the gender, number and type of individuals being implied, in their relationship to the person or deity for whom they serve as consorts and/or retinues. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]