lha chen brgyad

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eight classes of Mahadevas; 1) dbang phyug nag po. 2) brgya byin dkar ser 3) tshangs pa ser po 4) khyab 'jug nag po 5) 'dod pa'i dbang phyug dmar po 6) tshogs bdag dkar po 7) bhring gi ri ti 8) gzhon nu gdong drug; [TRS 129-6] [RY]

the 8 great gods [IW]

eight classes of Mahadevas [RY]

the Eight Great Gods, the Eight (Classes) of Mahādevas (not to be confused with the deity named Mahādeva, also spelled lha chen). These are 1) the black Īśvara ('the Mighty Master', dbang phyug nag po), 2) the Light Yellow Indra (brgya byin dkar ser), 3) the yellow Brahmā (tshangs pa ser po), 4) the black Viṣṇu ('the All-Pervasive One', khyab 'jug nag po), 5) the red Uma ('the Mighty Mistress of Desire', 'dod pa'i dbang phyug ma dmar po), 6) the white Gaṇapati ('the Sovereign of Gatherings', tshogs bdag dkar po), 7) Bhṛṅgiriṭi (one of Śiva's attendants, bhring gi ri ti), and 8) the six-faced Kumāra (Kārttikeya, gzhon nu gdong drug). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]