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excellent torch / supreme torch. IW

residual guests or the guests of the residual are following groups of deities: The twenty-eight Ishvaris - (dbang phyug nyer brgyad), the thirty-two dakinis - (mkha' 'gro so gnyis), the eighteen great Ging - (ging chen bco brgyad), the sixteen Lanka - (lang ka bcu drug), the eight Barma - ('bar ma brgyad), the seven mothers - (ma bdun), the four sisters - (sring bzhi), the three hundred and sixty servants - (pho nya sum brgya drug cu), the four great kings - (rgyal chen bzhi), the protectors of the ten directions - (phyogs skyong bcu), devas and nagas - (lha glu), the twenty-eight planets and stars - (gza' skar nyer brgyad), and the nine scary ones - ('jigs byed dgu). The seventy-five glorious protectors - (dpal mgon bdun cu rtsa lnga),the twelve goddesses of the earth - (brtan ma bcu gnyis), the thirteen mgul lha - (mgul lha bcu gsum) etc, all the oath bound worldly protectors which are installed in the commands - (bka') and vows - (dam). All these deities are half wisdom deities and half worldly deities. They are only allowed to eat the residual (lhag ma) but not the primary feast offering (tshogs phud) RY