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Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: rgyu 'bras dang been pa dang dkon mchog sogs med par lta ba ste / snga ma bzhi sgro 'dogs dang / phyi ma phal cher skur 'debs kyi lta ba'o Perverted belief, as one of the five beliefs, adhering to destructive views, one of the mi khom pa brgyad eight adversities. detrimental views, one of the chu bo bzhi four currents. perverse view, esp. disbelief in the law of action and result, and is rebirth, perverted belief, def. yod pa'i don la med par lta ba; wrong views [RY]

wrong views; x log par lta ba ni spyir sangs rgyas kyi bstan pa las phyi rol du gyur pa'i lta log can rtag chad du lta ba rnams te de dag ni rang gi rgyud log ltas bslad nas yang dag pa'i chos la mos pa mi skye bas dam pa'i chos byed du mi khoms pa yin the term "wrong views" includes, in general, eternalist and nihilist beliefs, which are views contrary to, and outside, the teaching of the buddha, such views spoil our minds and prevent us from aspiring to the authentic Dharma, to the extent that we no longer have the opportunity to practise it [RY]

wrong views, heresy, heretical doctrine [JV]

erroneous/ wrong philosophical views; to view/ regard in an erroneous way [RY]

incorrect/ erroneous/ wrong (philosophical) views; to view/ regard in an erroneous manner/ way [RB]

wrong view [IW]

adhering to destructive views *, detrimental views *, perverse view/ belief [IW]