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  • nonrecognition of awareness; ignorance (i.e., one of twelve links of interdependent connection) [RB]
  • ignorance, unknowing, unawareness; misknowledge, nonrecognition of intrinsic awareness; ignoring the intelligence, nascence, ignorance (i.e. one of twelve links); ignorance, as one of the six root disturbances, lack of awareness, [avidya] [RY]
  • avidya, unknowing, ignorance, lack of rigpa, mibp 72, unawareness, imperceptive, extrinsic perception, dimmed intrinsic awareness, unenlightenment, deluded mind, nonrecognition of awareness, unawareness, not notice, to not recognize, not recognized [JV]

1) not see/ apprehend; 2) ignorance: 1) rtsa nyon drug gi nang gses, rig pa shes rab kyi mi mthun phyogs rten khams gsum la yod pa'i las 'bras dang bden pa sogs kyi tshul ji lta ba mi shes par kun nyon skyed par byed pa'o,//ming gi rnam grangs la nga yir 'dzin dang, ngar 'dzin, dngos 'dzin, bdag 'dzin, mi shes bcas so, 2) not see,//mtshan mo mig gis gzugs ma rig pa,//ma rig rig mdog //3) (met) 1. samsara, Hor zla bcu gnyis pa
de kho na nyid la rmongs pa dang bden bzhi'i don la rmongs pa gnyis su yod pa las 'dir phyir ma'i don means we are here because of delusion in regard to suchness and the four truths, Ignorance (one of the six root disturbances, one of the 12 links (gd-mk) one of the chu bo bzhi four currents]], misknowledge, ignoring the intelligence, nascence, not understanding the differnce between virtue and non-virtue (tserig] [IW]

Tibetan definitions[edit]

  • Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: yang dag pa'i don mthong ba la sgrib par byed pa ma rig pa'i byed las; yang dag pa'i gnas lugs mthong ba la gegs byed cing phyin ci log skyed par byed pa'i rgyu; / de kho na nyid la rmongs pa dang bden bzhi'i don la rmongs pa gnyis su yod pa las 'dir phyir ma'i don; [RY]
  • Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: rten 'brel yan lag bcu gnyis: ngo bo rig pa'i 'gal zla'am/ mi mthun phyogs su gyur pa/ shes pa gang zhig rang gi yul la dmigs pa dang/ yul de'i rnam pa shin tu mi gsal ba dang/ de nyid sems rgyud rab tu ma zhi ba nyon mongs pa skye ba'i sgor gyur pa ste khyad chos gsum dang ldan pa]]. not understanding the difference between virtue and non-virtue. One of the twelve links. One of the chu bo bzhi four currents [RY]


Ignorance. Ignorance of good and evil deeds causes us to take rebirth in the three realms of samsara. Ignorance of the ultimate truth is the main cause of samsaric existence [RY]

Ignorance (ma rig pa): An erroneous way to conceive of beings and things, which consist in attributing to them an existence that is real, independent, solid, and intrinsic. [MR]


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