man ngag sde'i rgyud bco bdun

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17 tantras of the esoteric/oral instructional class [contained in ngb vols 9-10, they are the natural arising of awareness rig pa rang shar the mirror of the heart of vajrasattva rdo rje sems dpa' snying gi me long, the lion's perfect expressive power seng ge rtsal rdzogs the absence of letters yi ge med pa the beauteous good auspices bkra shis mdzes ldan, the penetration of sound sgra thal 'gyur the mirror of the heart of samantabhadra kun tu bzang po thugs kyi me long the blazing lamp sgron ma 'bar ba the array of fine gemstones nor bu 'phra bkod the coalescence of sun and moon nyi zla kha sbyor the pearl necklace mu tig phreng ba, the natural liberation of awareness rig pa rang grol the sixfold expanse klong drug pa the naturally born perfection rdzogs pa rang byung the black wrathful goddess nag mo khros ma the blazing relics of buddha-body sku gdung 'bar ba the mound of gemstones rin chen spungs gd-mk) [IW]

17 tantras of the esoteric/ oral instructional class [IW]