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1) splendor, beauty, appearance. 2) radiance, vitality, hue, brightness, luster, glow, inner glow, luster, radiant; luster, light; brightness, 3) shade of color 4) reflection [of light]. 5) gdangs complexion, expression, manifestation, face, facial expression, bright complexion; air, mien. 6) last night; 7) splendid, beautiful, luster [RY]

principal manifestation, (inner, primordial, natural) glow, (ultimate, subtle) clarity, transparency, brightness, yesterday, Guru's radiance, color, color of the face, fresh looks, healthy complexion, lustre, splendor, forehead, luminous nature, inner, ultimate, subtle force, profundity, radiance, expression, glowing, SA sdangs, complexion, radiance, color, hue, bright, radiant [JV]

complexion, face, [facial] expression, lust[er][rous], splend[or][id], beaut[y][iful], appearance, vitality, luster, brightness, reflection, glow, hue, [shade of] color, reflection (of light), tone, accent, voice, music, harmony, tone, pitch, tune, melody, [slow formal] chant, manifestation, refection, projection, radian[t][ce], manifestation, light, open, gaping, last night, khu ba quintessence dvangs ma mthar phyin pa, marrow) [IW]

radiance [RY]

(inner) "glow" *; luster [RB]