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"sets of discourses", the sutras, sutra, collection of sutras, kangyur. IW

Sutra-section [thd]

"sets of discourses", the sutras, collection of sutras [s'utantra) yul gang du gang zag gang gi phyir du gsungs pa smos pas gnas dang, kun rdzob dang don dam pa'i bden pa'i mtshan nyid smos pas mtshan nyid dang, phung khams skye mched la sogs pa smos pas chos dang, dgongs pa'i don zab mo dag ston pas don bcas bzhi smos pas mdo sde zhes bya'o,.. (tserig) (IW)

sutra sections; General Discourses; "sets of discourses"; the sutras; "sets of discourses", the sutras. collection of sutras. (RY)

sutra, the sutras. (RY)

collection of sutras in bka' 'gyur, sets of discourses, sets of sutras, sautranta class, discourses on spiritual training, exoteric teachings, general discourses, divisions of the discourses. (JV)

1) sūtra teaching(s), sūtra discourse(s); 2) sūtra basket, sūtra collection(s), sūtra section(s), 'sets of discourses' [Erick Tsiknopoulos]