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1) treasury, storehouse of jewelry, store-house, magazine, depository, strong-box, source; 2) the Treasury of Abhidharma; the [Abhidharma]kosha. 3) imp. of mdzad pa [RY]

treasury [RB]

1) Mdzad pa! do, make [h]; 2) way of composing verse brjod bya du ma dang ldan and gcod mtshams sna tshogs pa'i ngos nas sho lo ka &, bya tshig mang nyung nges gzung med pa'o; 3) chos mngon pa mdzod/ Abhidharmakosha; 4) treasury, store house, magazine, depository, strong-box, warehouse; 5) source (tt) [IW]

entreat, help, treasury, store, depositor, treasure chest, abhidharmakosa, do, SA mdzad pa, depot, reservoir, the Fifth Series of Bon, the Treasury [JV]