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Melongs/Ritual Mirrors


1) Mirror [syn: kun mthong dang, kun gsal, byi dor mel tshe, ma ku ra, gzugs 'char byed, gzugs brnyan skye gnas, bzhin snod; 2) gyang gi sham bu dang sked ris bar gyi stong cha; 3) mthongs sam dkyil gzhung thang ga'i me long, stod 'gag gi me long, , cha sgam gyi me long, sgo'i me long. sample, model, reflection, specimen plain surface, flat body length/ breadth. [IW]

mirror, looking-glass. [RY]

mirror (1 of 8 sman bla ritual objects), looking glass, plain surface, flat body, sample, model, reflection, specimen [JV]