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dispel, negates the verb will not, non-being. not having, nonexistent, without, -less, non-, un-, etc. beyond, devoid of, transcending, to lack, be short of, the absence of [RY]

does not exist as something, there is not, not, have not, without, non-existence, negative quality, transcending, beyond, haven't, negative existential verb, with verbs to convey "whether or not", there is nothing substantial, neither [JV]

(pos. + neg.) med there is no question of whether . . . or not; whether . . . or. . . is of no consequence [RB]

dispel, not have, not exist, will not, lack, be short of part negates the verb, -less, non-, un- non-being, (Gd-mk) not having, nonexistence, lack, absence without, not prep beyond devoid of, transcending, lacking [sense of "sky" and "space" is best expressed by the negations of qualifying words (eg, gnyis med nonduality) like the zen "mu," sunyata can be described in that way none of these things, none of those things it can be talked about by boundaries alone) [IW]

dispel, not [have [-ing]/ exist, will ~, lack[ing], be short of part, negation, -less, un- non[-being/ existence], absence, w/ o, beyond, devoid of, transcending [IW]