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human being; [birth as a] human, man, human being, people. [manushya, Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: shed bu'am yid rtog dpyod kyi 'jug shas che ba people, humanity. one of the 'gro ba drug the six types of existence; ordinary mortals; person [RY]

do not, person, people, (negative) chap, character, fellow, guy, human, human being, man, person, negative particle, agentive particle, humans [JV]

human beings. Mipham [[lus 'phags dang, [['dzam bu'i gling, ba lang spyod, sgra mi snyan te gling bzhi, de dag la gling g.yog gnyis re ste, lus dang lus 'phags sogs brgyad do The human beings occupy the four continents of Majestic Body, Jambu Continent, Bountiful Cow, and Unpleasant Sound. Each of these [continents are flanked by] two companion subcontinents, such as Body and Majestic Body, thus making eight in all [RY]

(verb) + mi (verb) (med par) . . . - . . . (this is) (not) a question/ there is no question of (verb) [RB]

human being [RB]

1) person, human being, humanity, people [Smra shes don go nus pa'i shes ldan nam, gang zag / (manushya, def shed bu'am yid rtog dpyod kyi 'jug shas che ba 1 of the 'gro ba drug the six types of existence syn: rkang gnyis dang, gang zag rta la'i rkang pa, na ra: ma nu'i bu, yid skyes, yid ldan, shed bu, shed las skyes, shes ldan]; 3) [present/ future] not (birth as a) human, man, [IW]

1) (birth as a) person, human[ity], people; 3) [present/ future] not; 4) no choice but to -- *) [IW]

1) (birth as a) person, human[ity], people [R]; 3) [present/ future] not; 4) no choice but to -- [mi vb rang vb; mi vb ka bka' med; mi vb mthuis mi vb thabs med] [IW]