mi 'gul ba gsum

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three unmoving states, 3-fold motionlessness [1st of the four consolidations according to all surpassing realisation. (thod rgal) as explained in the khrid yig ye shes bla ma (1) without moving from the postures of the body, the energy channels and pranas/winds are relaxed of their own accord lus bzhag stang las mi 'gul bas rtsa rlung rang dal (2) without moving from the gazes of the eyes, appearances are enhanced mig gzigs stangs las mi 'gul bas snang ba'i 'phel 'dzin (3) without moving from the state of the unfabricating mind, the expanse/the space of dharmadhatu and awareness are integrated sems bzo med la mi 'gul bas dbyings rigs zung du chud par byed (gd-mk) [IW]

the threefold motionlessness. three unmoving states. The first of the four consolidations according to thod rgal [RY]

the threefold motionlessness [RY]

threefold motionlessness [JV]

three unmoving states, 3-fold motionlessness [IW]