mi g.yo ba'i las

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non-transferring karmic action; khams gong ma gnyis 'grub byed kyi las te ting nge 'dzin immovable / unmoving karma, non-transferring action / karma, unshifting karma. def: rang sa las rnam smin gzhan du mi g.yo zhing mnyam par gzhag pa'i sa pa yin pa dang sa 'og ma'i skyon gyis mi g.yo ba'i phyir mi g.yo ba'i las zhes bya [RY]

subliminal activity, subliminal actions, unwavering evolutionary action [JV]

nontransferring karmic action [RY]

"motionless action" immovable/ unmoving karma, non-transferring action/ karma, unshifting karma [IW]

khams gong ma gnyis 'thob byed kyi dge ba ste, de dag sa de nyid du smin pa las gzhan du mi g.yo ba'i phyir ro 'nontransferring actions' are the virtues that make one attain the two upper realms. They are so called since, apart from ripening in their respective abodes, they do not transfer one to other abodes. [RY]

unwavering action [RY]