mi gnas pa'i myang 'das

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(unlocalized [JV]

non-abiding nirvana [IW]

nonabiding nirvana [not abiding in either srid pa or zhi bafruit of goal of Mah yana (tserig). srid pa 'khor ba'i mtha' dang, zhi ba myang 'das kyi mtha' gnyis la mi gnas par yongs su mya ngan las 'das pa ste mngon par rdzogs par sangs rgyas pa'o Nirwana where one stays free (of extremes) [IW]

nonabiding nirvana. [not abiding in either srid pa or zhi ba. nondwelling nirvana. the fruit of goal of Mahayana, not dwelling in either extreme of srid pa and zhi ba [RY]

Skt. apratiṣṭhita-nirvāṇa. Non-abiding Nirvāṇa. Short form of mi gnas pa'i mya ngan las 'das pa. Erick Tsiknopoulos