mi rtog pa

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nonconceptual(ity) [RB]

non-conceptual, non-thought non-thinking [IW]

absence of interpretative concepts, inconceivable, cannot be conceived of, without concepts, no-thoughts, non-judging, nonconceptual, non-discursive, without judgement, free of concepts, absence of thoughts, nondiscursive, not become a concept, thoughtfree, non-thought [JV]

non-conceptual [thd]

non-conceptual, conceptless non-thought non-thinking [doesn't necessarily mean 'completely without thoughts', but that one is still and does not want to move. With bliss and clarity one of three types of experience marking progress) dividing concepts, syn yul snang la mi 'dzin pa not grasping/fixating apparent objects. includes intrinsic conceptionlessness of perception, artificial non- thought of concentration etc. [IW]

nonconceptual, nonthought. thoughtfree, nonthinking, conceptlessness. Syn yul snang la der mi 'dzin pa rtog bral; nonconceptual(ity); no thought, nondiscursive, without thoughts [RY]