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name, term [ggd] [RY]

name/ title/ term/ label; 1) name, full name, given name, first name, surname, family name, word, term. 2) name, title. 3) noun, natural nouns. 4) verbal expression, mind, the four mental aggregates ming dang gzugs. 5) nominal designation, assignation, imputation. 6) concept, terminology 7) one of Yogachara chos lnga. Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[rgyu mtshan de la btags pa'i bla dvags tshig spyi snang ba ni ming du brjod de dper na bum par 'dzin pa'i rnam rtog gi 'dzin stangs kyis gzung bya de las bum pa zhes pa'i ming 'dogs shing de yang rna bar tshor ba de ma yin par de'i sgra spyi la snang ba de]] [RY]

name/ title/ term/ label; characterization [RB]

(full, given, first) name, noun, word, terms, denomination, reputation, designation, medicinal plant, flower [JV]

1) name; 2) word showing just the essence; 3) title/ rank, full/ given/ first/sur-/ family name, word, term, title, noun, natural nouns, verbal expression, mind, the four mental skandhas/ aggregates, nominal designation, assignation, imputation, concept, terminology [IW]

1) name; 2) word showing just the essence [nya', sgug pa, dmar po etc 'dod rgyal gyi ming &, padma'i gnyen, bsil zer can etc. rjes grub kyi ming ngo//syn: mngon par brjod pa dang, brjod ming, bla dvags][[min pa - ma yin pa is not ri 'di nas yar 'gro sa'i lam spo bo kho min pa sus kyang mi shes,//nga yud tsam min pa mi sdod is not [IW