mngon pa mdzod

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Abhidharmakosha [IW]

Abhidharmakosha [chos mngon pa mdzod ces bya ba, khams dang, dbang po dang, 'jig rten dang, las dang, phra rgyas dang, lam dang gang zag dang, ye shes dang, snyom 'jug ste gnas brgyad kyi bdag nyid can gyi bstan bcos 'di dus rabs lnga par rgya gar gyi slob dpon dbyig gnyen gyis mdzad pa'i gzhung zhig [IW]

Treasure of Abhidharma; Abhidharma Kosha; Abhidharma Kosha - by Vasubandhu, 4th or 5th century [RY]