mthong lam

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path of seeing [lam lnga'i nang gses, rnam par grol ba'i 'jug ngogs gang zhig de kho na nyid sngar ma mthong ba gsar du mthong zhing 'phags pa'i sar phyin par byed pa dang, chos nyid ji lta ba bdag med mngon sum rtogs shing chos can ji snyed pa'i don yang ci rigs par rtogs pa dang, byang chub kyi yan lag bdun bsgoms pas, spang bya mthong spang gi nyon mongs pa rnams rtsad nas bcom pa'i tshul gyis spong zhing, 'jigs pa lnga dang bral zhing yon tan brgya phrag bcu gnyis sod thob par byed pa'i lam mo [IW]

path of seeing; the path of vision, [darshana marga]; path of seeing / insight / vision. path of seeing [RY]

path of seeing/ vision [RB]

darshanamarga, path of (seeing reality, seeing, insight, obtaining the mystical power of sight), true way, state of perfection where one perceives the truth, path of vision [JV]

path of seeing [thd]

path of seeing. The third of the five paths which is the attainment of the first bhumi, liberation from samsara and realization of the truth of reality [RY]

path of seeing/ insight/ vision [IW]

path of seeing/ insight/ vision [TS) [IW]