mtshan bzang so gnyis

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32 major marks [IW]

Thirty-two Major Marks. According to the Ornament of Emergent Realization, Abhisamayalamkara. vv. 13-17, these are palms and soles marked with doctrinal wheels, feet firm like those of a tortoise, webbed fingers and toes, soft and supple hands and feet, protuberances, long toes and fingers, broad heels, tall and straight body, inconspicuous ankles, body-hairs which curl upwards, antelope-like calves, long and beautiful arms, supremely contracted sexual organ, golden complexion, delicate skin, well-grown body hairs which curl distinctly to the right, a hair-ringlet urnakesha between the eyebrows, a lion-like chest, well-rounded shoulders, a broad back, supreme sense. GD