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marks, characteristics, attributes (major and minor auspicious marks or attributes of a buddha), marks & characteristics [JV]

  • the major and minor marks TSE [IW]

marks and signs [RY]

[32 major and 80 minor marks or characteristics] the major and minor marks TSE [IW]

name of the 32 marks of a great man and 80 physical perfections of Buddha [RY]

marks / 32 major and 80 minor marks or characteristics, the marks and signs, major and minor marks [RY]

Major and minor marks. The thirty-two major and eighty minor marks of excellence that characterize the perfect physical form of a nirmanakaya or sambhogakaya buddha. A universal ruler is also said to possess a resemblance of these marks. Marks and signs. A perfect buddha's 32 major and 80 minor marks of excellence [RY]

the Signs and Marks (of Buddhahood/Awakening/Enlightenment, but Buddhahood in particular. Often necessary to add "of Buddhahood" etc. in translation for sake of clarity) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]