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character base DKC

definiendum; basis of characteristics; subject being characterized [RB]

basic indications, basis for talking about, illustration, cause of a sign or symptom, definiendum [JV]

1) thing which is an example of what is to be shown; 2) distinction/ example to be exemplified) [IW]

1) mtshan nyid kyis mtshon bya mtshon pa'i gzhir gyur pa [eg, gold vase is mtshan gzhi of vase]; 2) distinction/ example to be exelplified) [IW]

a specific object-example, illustration, characteristic basis, that which is marked/ characterized/ identified, particular characteristics/ the thing exemplifying the term and the definition TSE [IW]

illustration [thd]

illustration [ggd] [RY]

example, illustration, characteristic basis, that which is marked or characterized / characteristic basis / particular characteristics / the thing exemplifying the term and the definition, illustration, identified. definiendum; basis of characteristics; a specific object [RY]


character base. A basis or phenomenon that has characteristics. For example, a fire of sandalwood is a character base that has the characteristics of hot and burning, which characterize fire. Here, as in many cases, the character base can be thought of as an example or illustration. In logic and texts on validity, however, the English word example more properly refers to the similar example (sadRSTAnta, mthun dpe). However, illustration or example cannot be used in every context where character base appears.

See also mtshan nyid (characteristic) and mtshon bya (characterized).

The translation definiendum is not only an extremely uncommon word that most people do not understand, it is incorrect because it refers to what is defined, not what is characterised. See the discussion of mtshan nyid (characteristic) for a discussion of this issue. Basis of characteristics seems slightly wordier than necessary but otherwise acceptable. DKC