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(the) darkness (of ignorance); obscurity (Skt. tamas); (the state of) unknowing [RB]

mun snam [RY]

darkness; obscurity, gloom, ( Skt. tamas); darkness, tamas, [one of the yon tan gsum of the Samkhya philosophy]. empty space, obscuring, inertia, One of yon tan gsum murkiness, tamas [RY]

darkness, tamas [one of the [[yon tan gsum of Samkhya philosophy) [IW]

darkness [syn: kun khebs dang, khebs pa, mkha'i pags pa, sgrib pa, nyin mthar byed, nyin mo'i sgo nga, 'thibs pa, ldong byed, snang med, mi mngon pa, mi snang ba, mi gsal ba, mun 'khrigs, mun nag smag rum, mtsan mo'i gos, rab rib, she mun] [IW]

darkened, obscured [RY]

dark, obscure, gloom, empty space, obscuring, darkness [JV]

darkness, tamas * obscure gloom night, ignorance [IW]