mun pa'i bskal pa

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dark kalpa sangs rgyas ma byon pa'i bskal pa la mun bskal zhes grags pa a kalpa in which a Buddha does not appear is called a "dark kalpa" [RY]

dark kalpa; x mun pa'i bskal pa la skyes na dkon mchog gsum gyi sgra tsam yang mi grags shing dge sdig ngo mi shes pas chos byed du mi khoms those born during a dark kalpa have no opportunity to practise the Dharma because they never even hear of the Three Jewels, and cannot distinguish good from bad [RY]

a dark kalpa [of no buddhas teaching]. the aeon of darkness; the aeon of darkness [RY]

dark kalpa/ aeon [IW]

dark kalpa/aeon [no buddhas teaching) [IW]