nang rgyud sde gsum

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Three Inner Tantras. Maha, Anu, and Ati Yoga [RY]

Three Inner Tantras / sections of tantra; three inner classes of tantra; the 1) rgyud ma hA yo ga. 2) lung a nu yo ga 3) man ngag a ti 1) pha ma gnyis med. 2) bskyed rdzogs gnyis med 3) ma ha a nu a ti]] Syn dbang bsgyur thabs kyi theg pa, rgyud ma ha yo ga, lung a nu yo ga]], man ngag a ti yo ga]]; Three Inner Tantras [RY]

the three inner tantras/ sections of tantra [1 rgyud ma haa yo ga two lung a nu yo ga three man ngag a ti or 1 pha ma gnyis med two bskyed rdzogs gnyis med three ma ha a nu a ti - sm dbang bsgyur thabs kyi theg pa [gd-mk]). rnying ma'i gzhung lugs la rgyud ma h' yo ga, lung aa nu yo ga, man ngag aa ti yo ga ste yo ga rnam pa gsum ni, sems nyid sku dang ye shes kyi rnam par snang ba snod bcud thams cad lhag pa'i bden gnyis dbyer med spyod yul dang bral bar gtan la phab ste chos thams cad mnyam pa nyid chen por dbang bsgyur ba'i thabs mkhas pas dbang bsgyur thabs kyi theg pa zhes bya'o [IW]

three inner tantras [RY]

the three inner tantras/ sections of tantra [IW]

The Three Sections of Inner Tantra. See the other listings of the three above; definitions vary depending on the tradition. Erick Tsiknopoulos