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(from) within . . . [RB]

zhag bdun nas - in seven days time [RY]

sngon mo nas fresh barley [RY]

1) verb + nas - a gerund (ing); 2) barley; "grain", 3) a measure equaling one-eight of a cha chen barley. from, from amidst. the measure of one "barley grain," [the size of seven "shig" and a seventh of a "sor tshig"]. 4) from", occasionally, it is used to mark the logical subject of a clause and then is frequently rendered as "by.". nas - (from) within [RY]

1) barley; 2) a measure; 2); 1) from [what something arises showing word [R]; 3) after, having; 4) by [IW]

1) barley [syn mchu ma dang rtsi dkar mgyogs nas or yang ma = drug cu nas, khra ma ripens in 60 days, che nas middling ser mo slow and best [[nas la rnam pa drug - the six kinds of barley [one spun pa dad bcas pa; spun pa med pa; rnam par 'dres pa; mngar po; mdog nag pa; mdog skya ba] [IW]

1) barley [R]; 2) a measure [R]; 2) ; 1) from [what something arises showing word [R]; 3) after, having; 4) by)/[bod gzhung nas gzhunmg de ngos len ma byas] [IW]

(stop letter), barley, from, since, through, barley, oat, from, gerundive clause connective, instrumental particle, by, implies temporal consequence, starting from [JV]

(med) Barley
Sanskrit : yava (Dash 1989, Pandanus, Wojtilla 2002)

nas dkar rtsub bsil lci mngar khon cung 'khrog / bshang ba'i rlung 'phel ro tsa brtas par byed / gcin tshil mkhris pa bad kan cham pa dang / lud pa dbugs mi bde ba sel bar byed / da rgan lkog ma'i nad dang lpags nad sel / nas sngon byis glo tsha sub rgyu gzer sel / nas sngon bsregs pas glo ba'i nad la phan / nas nag rma dang shu ba gdon la phan / nas gzhan lci bsil snum mngar sha stobs skyed / smyig ma'i nas 'bras rtsub la tsha ba yin / nas rgod gzhan las cung zad dman pa yin / Shel gong shel phreng, pdf p 410.4)
nas ni / dkar po mchog ste / nag pos rma la phan pa dang / sngon pos byis pa'i glo gzer ba la phan / sog tshigs te nas kyi tshigs pas rma la phan / rgyud las / nas ni lci bsil bshang 'phel stobs skyed mchog / bshad // (mDzes mtshar mig rgyan, print p 214)

Illustrations : 'Phrin Las 1987 (23_007) nas (23_153) nas thug (24_063) nas chang (31_099) nas phug (32_053) nas tshig (32_054) nas nag (32_055) nas sngon. 'Jam-dpal (print p 214) nas

1. Hordeum vulgare L. (Poaceae) Barley (Wangyal 2020)

For other barley types see also khra ma, so ba and sre da.
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