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lower realms/ existences [IW]

evil rebirths, lower rebirths [RY]

[beings of the] lower realms, evil destiny, evil/ lower existences/ states, bad states of being, [IW]

Lower realms. The three abodes of hell beings, hungry ghosts and animals [RY]

lower (state of) rebirth; evil destiny; lower existences; 'lower realms', evil destiny, evil existences / lower states, bad states of being. Creatures of the three lower realms; evil destinies of rebirth, "durgati" Skt [RY]

evil existences, lower destinies, those actually gone to damnation, lower states, evil destinies of rebirth, durgati, lower realms [JV]

lower state of existence [RY]

lower (state of) rebirth; evil destiny [RB]

Lower realms (ngan song): the hells, the realms of pretas (tortured spirits) and of animals. [MR]

bad destinies, lower realms, negative transmigrations, unfortunate destinies/realms etc.; synonym of ngan 'gro ('evil' is probably not the best word to use here, considering certain implications; a more literal and perhaps more colloquial rendering could be 'bad destinies'). Mahāvyutpatti: अपायः ॥ apāyaḥngan song ॥ ངན་སོང་[Erick Tsiknopoulos]