ngo bo nyid sku

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essence-kaya; svabhavikakaya, entity body, essential body, nature body, nature truth body [RY]

svabhavikakaya [IW]

essential dimension of awakening [JV]

svabhavikakaya [sher phyin don bdun cu'i nang gses, sangs rgyas kyi sku'i bye brag dag pa gnyis ldan gyi dbyings mthar thug pa'i sku,... Svabhavakaya, entity body, essential body [gd-mk], nature body, nature truth body, openess of the nature of existence, emptiness of nature/ essence, voidness of nature one of the stong pa nyid bcu brgyad = 18 types of openess [IW]

essential dimension of awakening, Essence-Kaya [JV]