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This is the RYI Dictionary content as presented on the site, which is being changed fundamentally and will become hard to use within the GoldenDict application. If you are using GoldenDict, please either download and import the rydic2003 file from DigitalTibetan (WayBack Machine version as the site was shut down in November 2021).

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gzhi las logs su dgar ba'am, dmigs kyis 'byed pa dang, nges gzung ngam, nan gyis brnan pa dang, tshig gi kha skong bcas la 'jug pa'i phrad rang dbang can zhig...Mthing ga ni sngo sangs las gzhan no,...Khyod ni dpa' zhing khyod ni mdzangs,...Las don myur du tshar bar ni, brtson 'grus chen po skyed dgos so [IW]

as for/ to [indicates subject], is as follows, "" [IW]

as for [RY]

as for [indicates subject]. as to, is as follows, ".", as for [RY]

as for, as to, particle to single out leading subject, show emphasis, distinguish, fill out meter in poetry, figure 42, as for [JV]