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  • 9 expanses, 9 spaces existing in the dimension of practice, SA lta ba 'pho 'gyur med pa'i klong, bsgom pa yin min med pa'i klong, 'bras bu re dogs med pa'i klong, ngo bo grub bsal med pa'i klong, rang bzhin ma 'gags pa'i klong, mtshan nyid la snang sems grol ba'i klong, dbyings 'pho 'gyur med pa'i klong, rol pa 'gag med rang shar gyi klong, lhun mnyam ye grol cog bzhag gi klong, snying po don gyi klong, gdod nas ma skyes pa'i klong, thig las 'das pa'i klong, spros pa dang bral ba'i klong, brjod du med pa'i klong, de kho na nyid kyi klong, mtha' kun dang bral ba'i klong, gnyis su med pa'i klong JV

  • the nine-fold expanse – A condensation of the teachings contained in the three classes of the great perfection
    • 1) Since the view is free from all forms of projection, the expanse is beyond transition or change
    • 2) Because the meditation consists of resting in the natural state, the expanse is free from the affirmations and negations of conceptual analysis
    • 3) Since the fruition is present in its entirety, the expanse is inherently devoid of hope and fear
    • 4) Because the essence is neither permanent nor nothing at all, the expanse is free from any need to be intellectually proven
    • 5) Since the nature has no logical basis, the expanse is one of unceasing reality
    • 6) Since it is characterized by being devoid of worldly entanglements, the expanse is freed from both appearances and mind
    • 7) As there is no sense of the three times within basic space, the expanse is free from transition and change
    • 8) Since the display can arise as anything whatsoever, the expanse is unobstructed and manifests naturally
    • 9) Because spontaneous equality is without any bias or restriction, the expanse is one of innate freedom and imperturbable rest.

-Drawn from Jigme Lingpa's yon tan rin po che’i mdzod las ‘bras bu’i theg pa’i rgya cher ‘grel rnam mkhyen shing rta, p. 626. CJD