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abilities rgyas pa'i nus pa 'di 'dra lha rnams la yang med his abilities are unequaled even by the gods [RY]

1) [p nu ba]; 2) power, benefit, energy, capability, capacity, effectiveness; 3) be able to; 4) inherent quality; 5) suckled J [IW]

capability, capacity, ability, be willing to part with, not grudge, dare to, energy, function, role, potency, power, effect, faculty, potential, force, be able to do something, SA nu ba, effectiveness, power, strength [JV]

capacity, ability [ggd] [RY]

creative/ energetic potential energy/ (cap)ability/ capacity/ potential; to be able/ capable [RB]

energy, power [thd]

pf. of nu ba; 1) to be able, capable; to withstand. Syn phod pa; 2) capacity, energy, ability, capability, potential; power, strength, force, efficacious, potency. 3) medical term. inherent quality, 4) function, role, supernormal power, magical powers, powerful [RY]

mi nus pa - incapable [RY]

1) [p nu ba]; 2) power, benefit, energy; 3) be able to; 4) inherent quality [medical term; power, strength, force, efficacious, potency Notes see mkhyen pa ability capacity, energy, function, role, ability, capacity, supernormal power, to withstand [tsherig] [IW]