nyan thos kyi theg pa

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the shravaka vehicle, vehicle of hearers/disciples [IW]

'jug sgo so thar rigs bdun gang rung gi tshul khrims blangs nas ma nyams par bsrung la, lta ba phung lngas bsdus pa'i chos thams cad gang zag gi bdag gis stong par shes kyang chos bdag phra ba cha med gnyis bden par 'dod cing, sgom pa zhi gnas bzhag thabs dgu dang, lhag mthong bden bzhi bcu [IW]

cravaka yana [JV]

the shravaka vehicle, vehicle of hearers/disciples [1st of the nine yanas one of *theg pa gsum*] [IW]

shravaka vehicle, vehicle of the shravakas, vehicle of the pious attendants, vehicle of hearers or disciples, hearer vehicle, [first of the nine yanas. One of theg pa gsum [RY]