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day, date, sun, sunday [JV]

1) sun [R]; 2) water male sheep year chu mo lug Subhanu, [the 17th year; 3) a day; 4) Sunday [IW]

day, date; 1) Syn chu mo lug Subhanu, [the 17th year, Female Water Sheep]. 2) the sun. 3) a day. 4) Sunday. Syn gza' nyi ma [RY]

sun [syn: ku mud dgra dang, khyab byed, khri can, mkha' 'gro, mkha' nor, mkha' lam pa, 'gro ba'i sgron me, rgyas byed, rgyu ba'i brtul zhugs, sgrol byed, nges sreg bcu gnyis bdag po, char 'bebs, chu yi chom rkun, mchog 'dod, mchod ldan, mchod 'os, 'jig rten dbang po, 'jig rten mig 'joms byed, nyin byed, nyin mo'i 'dren pa, nyin mo'i nor, nyin mo'i dbang phyug nyin mo'i dbyig nyin mo'i 'byung gnas, nyin mor byed, gtum po'i 'od, rta ljang can, rta bdun dbang po, rta bdun pa, bsten bya, 'thung byed, dus kyi bdag po, dus kyi byed pa, dus byed, dus la dga', gdung byed, 'dam skyes mtsan, bdud las rgyal, bdun gyi bdun pa, nad med, nam mkha'i tog nam mkha'i thig le, nam mkha'i nor bu, nam mkha'i mig nor gyi mdzod, rnam sgyur 'gro lus, rnam bcad, rnam gnas, rnam par snang byed, rnam gsal byed, sna tshogs 'od, sna tshogs shing rta, snang ba'i bdag po, snang ba'i mu khyud, snang ba'i mdzod, snang byed, padma'i grogs, pad ma'i gnyen, padma'i rtsa lag padma'i lag phyogs kyi mu khyud, phyogs bdag phyogs snang byed, 'phrog byed, bla med 'od 'byin, dbyig gi khu ba, mi sbyin skyes pa, mig gzugs, mun 'joms, mun pa'i dgra, mun sel, me zlum, tsa ldan, tsa zer can, tsangs pa'i rta, 'dzin byed, gza'i bdag po, gza' bshes, 'od kyi rgyun, 'od kyi sgra can, 'od kyi nor can, 'od 'gyed, 'od 'gro, 'od 'gro rgyas byed, 'od can, 'od stong can, 'od stong 'phro ba, 'od bdag 'od ldan, 'od 'dren, 'od nor can, 'od phung po, 'od phreng can, 'od byed, 'od 'byin, 'od gtsang, 'od gzugs, rig byed 'byung, las sna tshogs, lus skyob, long ba'i kha lo ba [IW]