nyi shu

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20 [JV]

twenty [RY]

20 [nyi ni gnyis kyi ming gzhi dang, shu ni bcu'i skad dod dsha ? Las byung zhing, dus rabs bcu gcig par lo ts' ba rin chen bzang po sod kyis skad gsar bcad gnang skabs nyi shu la gnyis bcu dang sum cu la gsum bcu sogs so sor gtan la phab kyang de'i 'bri rgyun ma dar bar deng dus nyi shu 'di kho na'i 'bri srol chags 'dug ...Nyi...Gnyis...Shu...Bcu...Dsha ?...Gnyis bcu...Gsum bcu... @951 [IW]