nyon mongs pa'i sgrib pa

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veil of disturbing emotions; Mipham Rinpoche: nyon mongs shin tu drag po rgyun chags pas lam la 'jug mi nus pa nyon mongs pa'i sgrib pa The 'veil of disturbing emotions' is the inability to enter the path because of ongoing and very strong disturbing emotions. One of sgrib pa gsum. (RY)

disturbance-veil, the obscuration/ veil of the disturbances [IW]

obscuration of the kleshas [IW]

emotional obscuration, obscuration due to the passions / afflictive emotions; disturbance-veil, obscuration / veil of the disturbances; Expl: thar pa la sgrib byed. (RY)

obscuration of affliction [thd]

obscuration due to the passions [JV]

Obscuration of disturbing emotions. The emotions of the five poisons: anger, desire, stupidity, pride and envy [RY]

obscuration due to afflictive emotions; emotional obscuration [RB]

Afflictive obscurations DKC


Characterized by Mikyo Dorje as obscurations which primarily obscure the attainment of liberation. These are the obscurations which the practitioner of the Foundation Vehicle discards entirely and without exception in order to attain arhatship. The Bodhisattva also discards these obscurations gradually over the course of the paths of seeing and meditation.

Afflictive obscurations include greed, hatred, afflicted ignorance, pride and views, etc.

For a discussion of the term, refer to the entries on nyon mongs and sgrib pa. DKC