phal po che

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Avatamsaka Sutra [mdo sde sangs rgyas phal po che zhes pa brda rnying du sangs rgyas rma ga chad du grags shing, yang snyan gyi gong rgyan du'ang bsgyur ba yod la, mdo sde 'di sho lo ka 'bum dang, le'u brgya yod par grags pa rgya gar gyi mkhan po dzi na mi tra dang, lo ts' ba ye shes sde sogs kyis bsgyur cing lo chen bee ro tsa nas dag par phab pa'o [IW]

host, troop, mass of people, class of mahayana sutra [JV]

Avatamsaka Sutra, sangs rgyas phal po che [RY]

Great Host [thd]

Avatamsaka Sutra [IW]