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1) stake for tying animals etc. phur,//shing phur,//gur phur,//gdang phur; 2) kila [gdon bgegs taming tantrika implement phur ba; 3) dagger; 4) peg, pin, nail [IW]

peg, staple, large nail, metal three-sided dagger, piercing peg, picket, piercing, dagger, ritual dagger used in rites of subjugation of hostile forces, ritual dagger associated with cycles of tantric teachings [JV]

1) peg, stake for tying animals etc.; 2) kila; 3) dagger; 4) peg, pin, nail [IW]

Kilaya. The tantras about and the tantric deity Vajra Kilaya [RY]

Kilaya. Syn [[phur ba; kila; dagger, peg, pin, nail. phur ba [RY]