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five individual advantages mi nyid dbus skyes dbang po tsang born a human, in a central place, with all one's faculties; las mtha' ma log gnas la dad without a conflicting lifestyle and with faith in the Dharma [RY]

the five personal endowments/ pertaining to 1self [IW]

the five personal endowments/ pertaining to oneself ['byor ba bcu'i nang gses rang ngos la ltos te tsang dgos pa'i mthun rkyen lnga ste, mi nyid yin pa dang, yul dbus su skyes pa, dbang po tsang ba, las mtha' ma log pa, sde snod gsum la dad pa bcas lnga'o] [IW]

rang mir gyur, dbang po tshang, chos dar ba'i yul dbus skyes, las kyi mtha' ma log pa, dad pa yod pa ste rang 'byor lnga The 'five riches from oneself' are to be a human being, to possess intact faculties, to have been born in a central land where the teachings flourish, to engage in unmistaken activities, and to possess faith. [RY]

5 endowments other circumstance, the five personal endowments [RY]

SA 'byor ba [JV]

five riches from oneself [RY]