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Vajra Holder. Vajradhara [RY]

Vajradhara [IW]

Vajradhara; (sometimes) vajra holder [RB]

Vajradhara. 'Vajra-holder.' The dharmakaya buddha of the Sarma Schools. Can also refer to one's personal teacher of Vajrayana or to the all-embracing buddha nature [RY]

Vajradhara, the embodiment of the Buddhas of the five families, the Sixth Conqueror [RY]

Vajradhara [rigs kun gyi khyab bdag rgyud kyi ston pa, mdo las sh'akya thub pas gsang sngags chos gsung skabs kyi sku'i rnam par zer,...Syn: kha sbyor bdun ldan dang, nges pa lnga ldan, rdo rje can, rdo rje 'chang chen, rid kun khyab bdag rigs brgya'i bdag gsang sngags rgyal bcas so, Vajradhara, vajra holder; often appended to the name of the root guru [IW]

vajradhara, adibuddha for dge-lugs-pa, (symbolical term for the indivisible unity of the pre-reflective nonthematic and the reflective-thematic in experience, established through byin gyis rlabs of samantabhadra, transition from absolute to relative (he wears ornaments), he taught phyag na rdo rje, yum is shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa), primordial chos sku arrayed in longs sku ornaments, blue, arms crossed with bell and vajra), indestructible comprehension, dhyani bodhisattva, sage [JV]

1) Vajradhara; 2) vajra holder; often appended to the name of the root guru; 3) Vajra Bearer; fifth of ston pa bcu gnyis [RY]

Vajradhāra ('The Vajra Holder') [Erick Tsiknopoulos]