rdzogs pa

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perfect(ion)/ complete(ness)/ completion; to be perfect and/ perfectly complete [RB]

to make complete; x bstan pa yongs su rdzogs phyir to make the teaching perfectly complete [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa) full, all complete; 2) exhausted, compelted, finished; 2) each 5th day of the month [yar ngo'i rdzogs pa dang po tshes lnga, gnyis pa tshes bcu, gsum pa tshes bco lnga, mar ngo'i rdzogs pa dang po tshes nyi shu, gnyis pa tshes nyer lnga, gsum pa gnam stong] [IW]

1) full, complete, all conditions present; 2) [be] finished, exhausted, at an end, terminate, accomplishment; 3) lunar completion day; 4) perfect fulfillment, fully matured [IW]

finish, terminate, end up, end, (-, absolutely, to be) perfect, complete, fulfill, exhaust, full, copious, accomplished, executed, finis, to accomplish, perfected [JV]

rdzogs pa, rdzogs pa, rdzogs pa intr. v.; to be finished, to be at an end, to terminate, the accomplishment, to finish, complete, completion. perfect fulfillment, fully matured; perfect(ion)/ complete(ness)/ completion; to be perfect and/ perfectly complete; end [RY]