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1) king, ruler, monarch, emperor; regent king. 2) rule, penalties. [in case of danger / fears to be protected from]; 3) sky-traveling preta-demon; gyalpo spirits. "king" spirits who manifest through anger. 4) for King so-and-so, see under their individual names [RY]

Your Highness, [RY]

1) king, ruler, monarch, emperor [syn: sa skyong skye dgu'i bdag po dang, 'khor los sgyur ba, 'gro ba'i dbang po, 'jigs sel byed, gnam bskos, gnam gyi rgyal, rnam par skyes, dpung las skyes, spyi bor dbang skur, mi rje, mi bdag mi dbang, mi'i 'dren pa, mi'i dbang phyug mi'i lha, lag las skyes, sa skyong, sa bdag sa dbang, sa'i dbang phyug sa 'tso, sa gzhi 'dzin, sa gzhi srung ] 2) 16 [in India ma ga dhaetc. sogs yul chen: rgyal phran bcu drug]; 3) kind of deity/ spirit 1) 2) rule, penalties [note in case of danger/ to be protected from] [IW]

1) king, ruler, monarch, emperor [r] two 16 [r]; 3) kind of deity/ spirit; 4) rule, penalties / [r] [IW]

Your Majesty, [RY]

gyalpo spirits. A type of mischievous spirit, sometimes counted among the 'eight classes of gods and demons.' When subdued by a great master, they can also act as guardians of the Buddhadharma [RY]

king [IW]

king, majestic, 1 of 'jigs pa rnam par brgyad, imperial, emperor, monarch, chieftain, ruler, that which is excellent, something superior in its kind, supreme state, fierce beings which can cause nervous disturbances and epilepsy [JV]

rgyal po 'i monarch; the most majestic (of); king/ ruler [RB]