rgyas pa

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spread, be well developed, be advanced, vast, very extensive, extensive, enriching, vanity, prosper, great sage of ancient india, reputed author of mahabharata, increase in bulk or quantity, augment, grow, develop, extensive, large, ample, wide, manifold, numerous, copious, complete, full, to unfold, enriching, 1 of 4 'phrin las bzhi, expand [JV]

be propagated [RY]

pf. of rgya ba; 1) adj. abundant, complete, at length, in detail, elaborate, detailed, extensive, more comprehensive, fully expansive, to extend, to increase, vanity, to spread, displayed, enrichment, extensive, broad, lush, detailed, full. 2) v. to increase, expand, blossom, unfold. extend, in detail; fully grown, lush; to prosper; to unfold/ expand/ spread; unfolded/ expanded; effulgent (bhaga); elaborate; augment. 3) increasing, enriching; one of the phrin las lnga the five activities. 4) with prominence [RY]

Extensive [Scripture] [RY]

thams cad dus gcig la rgyas pa - all at once there burst forth [RY]

to unfold/ expand/ spread; unfolded/ expanded; effulgent [bhaga]; to flourish [RB]

1) [p rgya ba]; 2); 1) [more] abundant, at length, in detail, elaborate/ detailed/ extensive, full, more comprehensive, fully expansive, complete, perfect, general, full; 3) extend, spread; 4) vanity; 5) displayed [Gd]; 6) broad; 7) lush; 8) enrichment, increase, expand, blossom, unfold [one of the phrin las lnga - the five activities]; 9) w prominences elaborate, prosper; 10) [comp rgyas po] elaborate, detailed, extensive, sumptuous] [IW]