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tantra; just about all texts when discussing this subject quote the earliest known Buddhist definition of the word tantra, found in the Guhyasamāja Tantra: "Tantra is called continuity, and this tantra is classified into three aspects: ground, together with its nature, and inalienableness. Nature is the basic cause, ground is called the method, and inalienableness is the result. The meaning of tantra is contained in these three." (rgyud ni rgyun chags zhes bya ste // rgyud de rnam pa gsum du 'gyur // gzhi dang de yi rang bzhin dang // mi 'phrogs pa yis rab phye ba // rang bzhin rnam pa rgyu yin te // gzhi ni thabs zhes bya ba'o // de bzhin mi 'phrogs 'bras bu ste // gsum gyis rgyud kyi don bsdus pa'o //) [TSD]

continuum, stream of being, tantra [thd]

mind; ex rang gi rgyud la brtag dpyad pa examining your own mind [RY]

[alt.] being, mind, stream, a) continuity, being b) Tantra. abbr. rgyud Mahayoga. 1) tantra, tantra-texts, being [body, speech and mind], stream of being, mind-stream, continuity, continuum, "linked together", area, location, stream of existence, mind, heart, nature, existence. 2) the tantric teachings, texts. 3) via, through [sm. brgyud. 4) bank, shore, coast, edge, side, range. 5) lineage, descent. 6) area, location. 6) individual, person 7) bow string mdo rgyud sutra and tantra]. 8) continuum [or continua], tantra, string, cord. mind-stream; tantra/ continuum; mind-stream [RY]

indirect, [opp to dngos direct] [ggd] [RY]

tantra, string, tantric treatise, continuity, continuum, consciousness, life, connection, character, stream of one's being, individual, one's own being, individual lived existence, existentiality, refers to being-in-itself and being-oneself, SA gnyis ka rgyud, snyan rgyud, family, SA brgyud, string, chain, that which joins things together, physical or mental connection, ritual book, to tie, fasten, connect together, religious teacher, extraction, lineage, belonging to a family or race, family being, 4 classes (bya ba'i rgyud, spyod pa'i rgyud, rnal 'byor rgyud, rnal 'byor bla na med pa'i rgyud), continuum, texts which reveal what is necessary to complete the practice, edge, side, bank, shore, continuum, uninterrupted continuity, mind-stream, mind, mindstream, nature [JV]

1) continuum, continuity, succession; 2) string; 3) stream; 4) region, area, location; 5) [family] lineage/ succession/ descent; 6) tantra [text]; 7) character trait, nature; 8) via through; 9) bank, shore, coast, edge, side; 10) range [IW]

Stream-of-being, (sems rgyud). The individual continuity of cognition in an individual sentient being. continuity [RY]

tantra. The Vajrayana teachings given by the Buddha in his sambhogakaya form. The real sense of tantra is 'continuity,' the innate buddha nature, which is known as the 'tantra of the expressed meaning.' The general sense of tantra is the extraordinary tantric scriptures also known as the 'tantra of the expressing words.' Can also refer to all the resultant teachings of Vajrayana as a whole [RY]

tantra/ continuum (of being); mindstream [RB]