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1) tantra, the tantras 2) Tantra Section, tantra class; of Mahayoga [RY]

the Tantra Section (the 18 Tantras of the Mahayoga); The class of tantra, Tantra Pitaka, Transmission tradition, orders of tantra. tantra section, One of ma ha yo ga'i sde gnyis [RY]

tantra, the tantras [IW]

tantra class, mahayoga tradition of tantras, SA thabs lam, grol lam, Tantra Section of the Mahayoga [JV]

tantra class [RB]

class/ orders/ section of tantra, tantra pitaka [IW]

Tantra Section. Tantric sections. 1) The four or six sections of tantras. 2) One of the two divisions of Mahayana. The Mahayoga tantras appeared in this world when revealed by Vajrasattva and the Lord of Secrets to King Jah, the ruler of Zahor, who was born 112 years after Buddha's nirvana. Some of the contemporary lineage holders were Uparaja, Kukuraja, Vimalakirti, and Jnanamitra. Subsequent masters were Shakputri, the regent and son of King Jah, King Jah's daughter Gomadevi, Singaraja, Lilavajra, Buddhaguhya and Vajrahasya. The following generation of lineage holders were Bhashita, Prabhahasti, and Padmasambhava, the latter of whom also received the tantras directly from King Jah [RY]

Tantra Section [RY]