rma chu

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Yellow River [IW]

county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]

Machu River, which becomes the Yellow River (Huang Ho) in China [RY]

rma chi river/ dzong [1. rang rgyal gyi chu bo chen po zhig ste, chu 'go ba yan ha ri'i shar ldebs nas byung ste rim bzhin si khron dang kan su'u sogs zhing chen dang rang skyong ljongs brgyad brgyud nas mthar hran tung zhing chen nas po ha'e rgya mtsor 'bab; 2) rdzong zhig kan su'u zhing chen khongs kan lho bod rigs rang skyong khul gyi lho nub rgyud na yod, rdzong mi dmangs srid gzhung de mdzod dge nyi mar yod] [IW]

great river of n.e. tibet [JV]

Hoangho [RY]