rmongs pa

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1) (Tha mi dad pa) not know; 2) fool [= glen pa dang, ldongs pa, blun po, ma bslabs pa, mi mtshon pa, mi rig pa, mi shes pa, lug ltar lkugs ]; 3) ignorance) [IW]

1. (Tha mi dad pa) not know; 2) confus[ed][ion], dull, stupid[ity] [person], fool[ish] [glen pa, ldongs pa, blun po, ma bslabs pa, mi mtshon pa, mi rig pa, mi shes pa, lug ltar lkugs]; 3) ignorance delusion, moha) [IW]

rmongs pa, rmongs pa, rmongs pa intr. v.; 1) confused, stupid, dull, ignorance, confusion, mentally confused, delusion, stupidity. 2) one deluded, who is experiencing moha, delusions, mentally confused, haziness, dazed; delusion; deluded; delusion/ ignorance [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa not know; 2) fool; 3) ignorance; 4) dull, ignorant, confusion [-ed], delusion, stupid[ity]; 5) 1 deluded, who is experiencing moha [IW]

delusion; deluded [RB]

be confused, delusion, ignorant, fool, stupid person, ignorant person, untrained person, stultified, delusion, confusion, ignorance, alarm [JV]

1) confusion, bewilderment, mental haziness, mental dullness; 2) stupidity, foolishness. Linguistically and contextually, both meanings allude to 'endarkenment' in a symbolic sense. Erick Tsiknopoulos